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Baby On The Way

There is no better news that hearing a baby is on the way!

Not in my mind.

You can imagine my delight to learn that my dear friend Sara was expecting last Spring. Sara and I met nearly 6 years ago when we were pregnant together, both with our first child. A girl for her, a boy for me. We were in the same childbirth classes at the time.

I later had my second child 25 months after my first was born. To say adding number two was a challenge is an understatement! Some friends shy away from difficulty, but Sara wasn’t one of those. She wasn’t afraid to get right up in the chaos. Offering play dates, babysitting my oldest, setting up excursions we could take together – generally being an involved, supportive friend.

When I heard her news, I jumped at the chance to repay her kindness to me, so I offered to gift her my Signature Prenatal Massage Package. Initially, she thought it meant that I was gifting her ONE massage and was thankful. Instead, she received the full treatment!

It was a gift to me to share my gift with her.

We shared conversation and quiet, reflective space as I provided bodywork to Sara over the course of her final 20 weeks of pregnancy.  I learned of her birth soon after one of her sessions at 41 weeks. For her postpartum session, baby was new and napping quietly near mama for her 90 minute session…

It was the most beautiful, peaceful experience! Care, love, and joy – all swirling in the air.

Sara’s Story

I asked Sara if she would share with us a bit about her experience with massage throughout pregnancy.

Here is what she had to say:

This was your second pregnancy. Tell us a little about your first. My first pregnancy was pretty easy, but the birth was not. With my first pregnancy, I was in labor for 41 hours, was transferred from a birthing center to a hospital for “failure to progress naturally.” My second pregnancy was smooth and so was the birth. I had our baby at home, 11 hours after my water broke.

What are some things you chose to do during your second pregnancy that were different? How come? I was determined to have a home birth this round. I was not happy with my experience at the birth center or the hospital. I knew self-care was going to be hugely important this go round. I saw the chiropractor regularly, practiced prenatal yoga 2-3 times a week, and received massages. I also quit my job 2 1/2 months before my due date.

How often did you receive massage prior to this pregnancy? Did you consider massage a luxury or a part of your self-care? I rarely received massages before this pregnancy. Getting a massage was definitely a luxury. During my second pregnancy I realized that massage IS self-care. It was so important for my mental and physical being.

How do you feel you benefitted from massage during pregnancy? It helped me have a more relaxed, pain-free, calm pregnancy and birth. Because I took care of myself, I was able to better care for the baby in my womb and my family.

Were there benefits you received that you weren’t expecting? The overall calmness of my body and mind. I know the yoga and chiropractic work contributed also, but I think all three worked together really well to prepare my mind and body for the type of birth I was seeking.

What would you share with someone considering a prenatal massage package? DO IT! Don’t talk yourself out of it. Once you have purchased the package there’s no turning back. You’ve made the investment, now you have to take care of yourself. I took much better care of myself with this pregnancy, reduced my stress level through massage and yoga combined and that translated to a calm space for my baby to grow and be born.

A big thank you to Sara for sharing her experience with us here! …and big hugs to those cute kiddos.

Have you used massage therapy for self-care? Does it feel like a luxury expense for you?

nurtured. safe. empowered.