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Massage in Pregnancy for Self Care

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The benefits of prenatal massage include a wide range of physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits.

Ariana Vincent

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Instructor

A Second Pregnancy

I found out I was expecting my first child, two weeks into my course of studies in massage therapy.

As a massage student, I was giving and receiving massages daily as part of the curriculum and practice. DAILY massages – it was wonderful!

Receiving massage throughout my first pregnancy was a gift – well worth the cost of tuition, in fact! In my second pregnancy, though, I didn’t have access to daily massage. Having studied the benefits of massage in pregnancy coupled with my personal experience I made an important decision…

Massage Therapy is NOT a luxury, it is an important piece of a self care regimen in pregnancy.

Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy

Any single massage therapy session will offer the expecting mother the following benefits. For a more detailed description, visit this article.

  • Alleviates stress on weight bearing joints and musculo-fascial structures
  • Soothes many common discomforts during pregnancy
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stabilizes hormonal levels and mood
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Assists in maintaining good posture
  • Offers emotional support through nurturing touch

When massage is received as part of an ongoing regimen, these benefits build on each previous session. In addition, as Mother moves closer to birth, she will have practiced attuning to the sensations in her body at each massage session; noticing which areas feel relaxed, which areas are sore or tender, and how these sensations change from week to week. In labor, this practiced attuning benefits mother and child, as the mother’s kinesthetic awareness is practiced and strengthened through massage.

My Homestretch Prenatal Massage Package

I have created a “Homestretch” massage package with the needs of mom-to-be in mind. You will receive a 90 min prenatal massage at 34 weeks, a 60 min prenatal massage at 36, 38, 39, and 40 weeks, a 60 min prenatal massage TWICE weekly at 41 and 42+ weeks, and finally a 90 minute postpartum massage. All prenatal massages up to and including 40 weeks are guaranteed and if baby arrived before you are expecting him/her, you will receive any unused sessions as additional postpartum massages.

I purchased Jane’s pregnancy package and it was worth every penny plus some. It’s really a great deal for the amount of massages you get and really kept me comfortable through my pregnancy. I still go back and see her postpartum and I’m never disappointed.

Christin D

Prenatal Massage Package Client

Jane really cares about the pregnant woman and wants to make sure you feel like a goddess throughout your pregnancy. Thank you, Jane! I can’t wait for my next massage!

Sara S

Prenatal Massage Package Client

If you’re looking for a nurturing prenatal and/or postpartum massage experience, this is it! Jane has a kind and gentle spirit that helps create a relaxing and supportive environment. Highly recommended!

Jen S

Prenatal Massage Package Client

Every time I had just about lost the will to be in an upright position, I would remember I had an appointment with Jane coming up. It was just the treat I needed… and it really let my husband off the hook!

Carmen B

Prenatal Massage Package Client

June Discount From Pure Touch Massage

The value of the Homestretch Prenatal Package is $640+.

Last week, I ran a discount on this package on Instagram (check me out over there if you haven’t yet!). Because of the huge response I’ve received, I decided to keep the discount running through the end of the month. I regularly price the Homestretch Prenatal Package at $545, a 15% discount on the value of the services. Through the end of June, I am offering a deeper discount, bringing the price point down to $495, nearly a 25% discount.

Use promo code JUNEHOMESTRETCH to receive your discount at check out.

Email me at jane@puretouchmassage.com with any questions.


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