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The First Love Letter

My oldest son will be 5 years-old this week!

I get nostalgic every year for my sons’ birthdays. I remember how I prepared, how I waited, how I anticipated every detail. I wondered and then, I waited. It is a difficult thing… the waiting.

While I waited for each of my children, I wrote love letters. It helped me to connect to the moment… to my heart. Simple. Short. Directly to the little one who was about to arrive.

Gavin’s letter was originally posted here. You can also find it below.

Dear Gavin

this was the first time i laid eyes on you…

i went to the first doctor’s appointment without daddy, so i got to see you first — all for myself. it was a magical moment and i fell in love with you instantly! in fact, just the sight of you brought tears of joy to my eyes.

i saw your heart beating and my doctor told me that you were “perfect”! he said we should expect your arrival about october 18, 2010. 

you are much bigger now, and still growing safe and sound.

we’ve already been getting to know each other though daddy and i are really excited to meet you face-to-face. when you are ready, we will be waiting with open arms… ready to love you with our whole hearts, protect you, and enjoy you!

i can’t wait to fall in love with you all over again!



We are still in love!


nurtured. safe. empowered.