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Introducing Mama

I started a blog once. Ten years ago, actually.

I ran my very first marathon the year I turned 30 and my very first blog post was my Race Report. If you’ve run a marathon, you know exactly what kind of story this is… a marathon is an initiation of sorts and once you’ve been through the fire of the race, you have a story to tell.

I wasn’t a great runner, but I was inspired by my experience and I had a story.

Ten years later, with a husband, two children, and a new career path, I am blogging again.  This time my hope is to connect with you – my client. I plan to share the stories I have collected and am collecting. My thoughts, ideas, and questions about motherhood and business.  

If I find a great resource that makes my journey a bit easier, I’ll share it here!  Maybe even a fun laugh, on occasion.

Here’s my first story…

My Getting Started Story

I enrolled in Massage Therapy school in January 2010. Two weeks into classes, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. My husband and I spent a few weeks freaking out about our news, but soon settled into the beauty of the experience. I received massage daily as a part of the coursework, and I had a smooth pregnancy and birth.

Two years and six weeks later, our second child was born. It was during my second maternity leave that I decided I would turn my focus to prenatal and postpartum massage.

It is here that I’ve found my fit.

I found my own passion in the pregnancies and births of my children. Now, it is my pleasure and privilege to serve as a member of the support team for each of my clients.

Cheering you on from the sidelines as you run your race.

nurtured. safe. empowered.