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Meet Pro Mama

We’re on a mission to connect mamas to job opportunities that appeal to every aspect of their lives. All mamas should feel professionally fulfilled, empowered + freakin happy. We deserve it.

Pro Mama

One of my favorite parts of this gig is getting the chance to meet and know all of the amazing mamas that come through my door for massage. Each mama is making her mark on the world in her own unique and fabulous way! It is a thrill to be a part of your support team.

When I heard what my client Jessica was up to at Pro Mama, I knew I wanted to help spread the word!!

It is undeniable that motherhood changes us. When my husband and I first spoke about having children, I was working at a job with zero flexibility for family life. On the cusp of motherhood, I made a career change in order to prioritize family. For how many other mothers does this dilemma ring true? I chose a path in massage therapy and now enjoy the flexibility to schedule my business around my children and family needs… but not all mamas have the option to change careers, nor do all mamas want to do so.

Enter Pro Mama.

What is Pro Mama?

Pro Mama is a career resource for working mamas. They’re on a mission to connect mamas to job opportunities that appeal to every aspect of their lives (Think: flexible hours, work from home, part time, great maternity benefits, etc.) They also want to support mamas who already have the ideal (or close to it) job for them. Because balancing parenthood and a professional career is HARD.

How To Connect

  1. Explore their website: Pro Mama.
  2. Connect to their social Media Platforms on Instagram and Facebook.
  3. Sign-up for their newsletter.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Massage in Pregnancy

Massage in Pregnancy for Self Care

photo credit: Darcy Elizabeth Photography

The benefits of prenatal massage include a wide range of physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits.

Ariana Vincent

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Instructor

A Second Pregnancy

I found out I was expecting my first child, two weeks into my course of studies in massage therapy.

As a massage student, I was giving and receiving massages daily as part of the curriculum and practice. DAILY massages – it was wonderful!

Receiving massage throughout my first pregnancy was a gift – well worth the cost of tuition, in fact! In my second pregnancy, though, I didn’t have access to daily massage. Having studied the benefits of massage in pregnancy coupled with my personal experience I made an important decision…

Massage Therapy is NOT a luxury, it is an important piece of a self care regimen in pregnancy.

Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy

Any single massage therapy session will offer the expecting mother the following benefits. For a more detailed description, visit this article.

  • Alleviates stress on weight bearing joints and musculo-fascial structures
  • Soothes many common discomforts during pregnancy
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stabilizes hormonal levels and mood
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Assists in maintaining good posture
  • Offers emotional support through nurturing touch

When massage is received as part of an ongoing regimen, these benefits build on each previous session. In addition, as Mother moves closer to birth, she will have practiced attuning to the sensations in her body at each massage session; noticing which areas feel relaxed, which areas are sore or tender, and how these sensations change from week to week. In labor, this practiced attuning benefits mother and child, as the mother’s kinesthetic awareness is practiced and strengthened through massage.

My Homestretch Prenatal Massage Package

I have created a “Homestretch” massage package with the needs of mom-to-be in mind. You will receive a 90 min prenatal massage at 34 weeks, a 60 min prenatal massage at 36, 38, 39, and 40 weeks, a 60 min prenatal massage TWICE weekly at 41 and 42+ weeks, and finally a 90 minute postpartum massage. All prenatal massages up to and including 40 weeks are guaranteed and if baby arrived before you are expecting him/her, you will receive any unused sessions as additional postpartum massages.

I purchased Jane’s pregnancy package and it was worth every penny plus some. It’s really a great deal for the amount of massages you get and really kept me comfortable through my pregnancy. I still go back and see her postpartum and I’m never disappointed.

Christin D

Prenatal Massage Package Client

Jane really cares about the pregnant woman and wants to make sure you feel like a goddess throughout your pregnancy. Thank you, Jane! I can’t wait for my next massage!

Sara S

Prenatal Massage Package Client

If you’re looking for a nurturing prenatal and/or postpartum massage experience, this is it! Jane has a kind and gentle spirit that helps create a relaxing and supportive environment. Highly recommended!

Jen S

Prenatal Massage Package Client

Every time I had just about lost the will to be in an upright position, I would remember I had an appointment with Jane coming up. It was just the treat I needed… and it really let my husband off the hook!

Carmen B

Prenatal Massage Package Client

June Discount From Pure Touch Massage

The value of the Homestretch Prenatal Package is $640+.

Last week, I ran a discount on this package on Instagram (check me out over there if you haven’t yet!). Because of the huge response I’ve received, I decided to keep the discount running through the end of the month. I regularly price the Homestretch Prenatal Package at $545, a 15% discount on the value of the services. Through the end of June, I am offering a deeper discount, bringing the price point down to $495, nearly a 25% discount.

Use promo code JUNEHOMESTRETCH to receive your discount at check out.

Email me at jane@puretouchmassage.com with any questions.


For Mom, with Baby

Oh, cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
But children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby. Babies don’t keep.

Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

Song for a Fifth Child

For Mom

I discovered my interest in prenatal and postpartum massage just before the birth of my second child. While on maternity leave, over several months, I added my certification and set up my service menu. During that time, I reflected often on my own experience in pregnancy and postpartum to arrive at just the right offerings.

What did I need?

I needed gentle care through massage therapy. In the newborn period, my body was producing sustenance for my newborn through breastmilk. My endurance was being tested in the form of sleep deprivation. The muscles in my arms, neck, and back were strained because of the holding and love-gazing – the essential bonding I was engaged in with my newborn. All the while, my body was still recovering from the demands of pregnancy and childbirth.

I needed a quiet and peaceful escape. It was new to have a tiny life that depended on me 24/7. It was an adjustment! Taking a moment to rest, to reflect, to be the cared-for instead of the care-giver was a deep need at this time.

With Baby

When I was a new mom, I loved the poem “Song for a Fifth Child,” I still do. My aunt told me that my grandmother sang it often.

It highlights for me, the last need that I felt during this time. One that was much more difficult to find in a massage therapy setting: I wanted to be with my baby.

It quickly became a non-negotiable for my menu of services. So, baby is welcome in my studio during mom’s massage session. I also waive my mobile fee for mothers in the newborn period (3 months postpartum) so if mom prefers to stay in her home environment she can remain there.

That is not to say that all mothers feel this way – some new moms still very much want their quiet escape to be without baby. Each mother will know what she needs and can choose accordingly.

Postpartum Massage Session

Last month, I had a postpartum client arrive with her new baby girl. Baby girl was fussy. Mom said she had been fussy quite a lot lately. She told me that while it was tough, they were managing. I could see the love in mom’s eyes as she told me this.

We made a safe space for baby on the table, next to mom.

Once the two were settled, I began the session. Dark room, soft music, quiet space. It was just like many of the sessions I have with new mothers. Then, toward the end, mom shared, “Jane, thank you so much. I will remember this forever.”

I could feel her gratitude. It was palpable. I was grateful, too.

Immediately, I was transported back to those early days. The days when it was new. When my body was still healing and my brain was still adjusting to the idea that this new little life was in my care. To the tiredness. To the physical demands on my body. To the simple yet overwhelming need I felt to be with my baby.

For this moment, I created a space for my client to relax into it all during her session.

I created this postpartum service with this client in mind. A gift to mom. A gift to baby.

A gift to me.

Postpartum Services

Postpartum massage is beneficial for the new mother. Body, mind, and soul are rejuvenated, leaving you at your best. Newborns are welcome at the postpartum session. The mobile fee is waived for postpartum mothers in the newborn period.

Schedule today.

photo: my *babies*  photo credit: Jeana Marino

From the Heart

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth.”

Margaret Atwood

novelist, poet, businesswoman, and activist

It didn’t begin with massage therapy for me.

I started with education, then accounting, administrative work, coaching… and on and on and on. With each direction, my intuition knew. Telling me when I was ready to leave. Telling me I was ready for more. I was learning in all of these experiences: more about myself, more about my preferences, more about my strengths.

It had always been the question, “What do I DO next?”

One day, instead, I paused. Then, I asked myself a different question.

“What do I LOVE?”

The answer was clear this time: healing, connected, nurturing touch. Sometimes welcoming pieces of yourself you’ve denied is enough to create a shift.

I signed up for massage therapy coursework within a few weeks, and was licensed in under one year. After six years of practice, my business is expanding as I expand. My practice, as an expression of myself, is creating the perfect niche.

Rather than hide behind my credentials and service menu, I want to offer them from my heart, sprinkled with the stories of my experiences. That’s why I’ve partnered with Jeana Marino Media Boutique to refresh my brand on my website and social media platforms. You’ll see an authentic branding-reboot as I update, tell, and post how I am pouring myself into my massage therapy practice.

How am I still growing and expanding? I want to share it with you.


photo credit: Jeana Marino

Learning to Play

Let’s Play

I popped into Galaxy Cafe to pick up lunch for our family last weekend.

I had my 3 year-old with me and there was a line, which usually spells disaster. I was committed to grabbing food that was good for my body that day, though, so we stayed.

I handed a menu to 3 at his request, as I was grabbing one for myself, and he proceeded to pretend he was ordering food, “I’ll have a lollipop and a special treat and healthy food.” I watched him pass the time by spinning in circles and walking up and down the aisle feeling the texture on the wall where we were waiting. Lots of movement. A lot of unpredictable-ness.

Normally, my anxiety would be through the roof in this parenting scenario.

Instead, because I have been practicing, studying, looking for playfulness, I was able to see that this child was actually… brilliant! It’s boring to stand in line and wait your turn. Instead of living in boring, he was able to find the fun hiding in the line.

It was a amazing! It was so simple! He is so clever.

Instead of feeling the anxiety that usually rises up, I studied him. I found ways that I could engage that were playful and fun and felt good. He was my teacher in this moment. I was his student.

I don’t always see it this way. In fact, this was the first time in recent memory that I picked up on it. It really clicked. It felt great!! Connected. Fun. Loving. All the feelings. We were just waiting in line and we were doing it together. With ease.

I want to find more ease in parenting!

I am a part of a year long program called: Evolve 2016. The beautiful and brilliant mastermind behind the program, Carrie Contey, PhD, asks us all the time, “what are you learning?”

It looks like I am learning to let go of unpredictableness as a trigger for anxiety. I am learning that my children have a bunch of really beautiful stuff to teach me. I am learning that play is a really cool way to feel good in any moment if you know what you’re looking for… and that getting close to a child is a good as way as any to open your eyes to it.

nurtured. safe. empowered.